Graz - A city with a tradition of creativity and innovation

(c) Graz Tourism, Harry Schiffer
(c) Graz Tourism, Harry Schiffer
(c) Graz Tourism, Harry Schiffer

Graz, the capital of the province of Styria is a wonderful place to meet. The second largest city of Austria offers the unique atmosphere of traditional medium size  envigorated by the dynamics of five university contributing nearly one fifth of its population, world leading enterprises and a cultural background that is not content with keeping the status quo but building on it adding a further driver of innovation, architecture.

Regarding the conference theme Graz can certainly call itself the hydrogen capital of Austria. It has been teh home of the hydrogen and fuel cell pioneer Karl Kordesch who also taught here. Some departments at the Technical University of Graz are still based on his legacy. A key highlight is the Research Centre HyCentA offering unique investigation capacities for hydrogen powertrains, not only fuel cells but also for hydrogen powered internal combustion engines up to truly large variants. It also has a long history of on-board hydrogen storage research not least owing to the work done together with their partner Magna Steyr, also based in Graz. Last, not least, it features its own hydrogen refueling station. World`s largest independent powertrain research and contract engineering company AVL ist also headquartered here.

But that is not all: Siemens Mobility's Global Competence Center for electrically powered bogeys also is located in Graz, continuing a railway rolling stock building and engineering tradition dating back more than 150 years. 

Above and beyond all these serious ingredients the city boasts a flavor of savoir vivre that is almost mediterranean and this relaxed atmosphere will certainly also contribute to the success of the 12 IHC.

The venue - St. Martin Castle

Basic coordinates:

Address: Kehlbergstrasse 35, 8054 Graz/Austria, Phone +43 (0) 316/283655; More information on the castle (German only): 


St. Martin Castle

St. Martin Castle is situated on the hills surrounding the city of Graz to the West. It dates back to the 11th century and in its current form to 1557. Since 1914 it serves as seminar and education centre. The province of Styria assumed ownership and management in 1936.

Participants will enjoy the outstanding views from the castle stretching acrros the whole city but also feel the tranquility of the place in its courtyard and its own fruit orchards and gardens thereby enabling fruitful exchanges of ideas.

The conference will take place in its Grand Saloon situated on the 2nd floor (elevator access possible). The castle and its courtyard as well as its gardens will also serve as the location for the Styrain Wine Tasting and Dinner event on the evening of June 27, 2017 which we will - weather permitting - enjoy both indoors and outdoors.

Accommodation in St.Martin Castle

The Castle also features some rooms which are at standard seminar level (due to thier seminar type bed arrangements they are, however, probably not ideally suitable for couples). These rooms can be booked directly using the following link:


Graz maybe reached by avariety of transport modes:

Via Rail to Graz Hauptbahnhof (with connections from Vienna and Salzburg as well as a number of local cities)

Via air transport to Graz Airport (GRZ). Actually Graz airport is approx. 10 km south of the city centre in a suburban town called Feldkirchen. You can catch a train to the Graz Hauptbahnhof after a 600m walk from the airport to the local train station; there is a scheduled airport shuttle bus with a variety of stops on its way to Graz Hauptbahnhof (no individual hotel stops), for the German schedule see . Of course, Graz airport also features a good selection of the internationally operating car rental companies (we recommend advance reservation) and taxis (fare tocity centre approx. €25.00)

By car you may reach Graz using the following highways: A9 or A2 which have a major intersection at the Graz West Node. From there it is approx. 7km to the city centre and approx. 3km to the St. Martin Castle.

Hotels and accomodation

Graz features a great variety of hotels and boarding houses.

The following are in the vicinity of the conference venue:

There are two more high quality hotels in the area

However, since both places have construction activities going on on-site or in close proximity, we recommend those only for participants who prefer walking distance and are not concerned  about potential day-time noise.

Otherwise, you can book hotels via the Graz tourism office website 

or any other booking website featuring hotels in Graz. 

For your information and hotel selection please note that the St.Martin Castle is not  located directly on any public transport line, although there is a bus stop (Ankerstrasse) in approx. 700m walking distance (however, featuring a  hill climb of approx. 60m height via a forest trail ). Taxi fares from the city centre should be between €15.00 and €20.00.

Conference Language

The conference language is English.

In order to keep the conference fees reasonable, we have refrained from providing simultaneous translation in other languages.

Conference Registration and Fees

The conference fee includes two lunches as well as morning and afternoon coffee break drinks and snacks plus all the mandatory Austrian VAT (Sales tax). Drinks during the conference will be coffee, tea, mineral water as well as organic fruit juices. The registration fee does not include alcoholic beverages; these may be ordered at the ordering participants own expense.

In order to strike a balance between enabling cost coverage and a participation by the widest possible interested audience, we have developed a differentiated fee structure:

  1. Standard Conference Fee (applies to all participants not qualifying for one of the special fees below) ...€144.00 (including VAT, net €120.00)
  2. Special Fee AC-Styria Members ...€120.00 (including VAT, net €100.00)
  3. Students, staff of government agencies and organisations, co-authors ...€72.00 (including VAT, net €60.00)
  4. Presenting authors, members of the press (requires accreditation, please use the special form provided in the field "Conference Registration") ... Free

Styrian Conference Dinner

We offer participants the opportunity to continue their dialogue from the day in a relaxed atmosphere. The courtyard, the dining rooms as well as the orchard garden of the St.Martin Castle will be the backdrop to a buffet dinner offering local Styrian specialties. It will be complimented by a wine tasting of Styrian wines which will also be available as beverages during the dinner (of course, there will also be non-alcoholic beverages and beer). The front office of the St.Martin Castle will also be happy to provide you with bottles or cartons of these wines to take home.

(c) Graz Tourism, Tom Lamm
(c) Graz Tourism, Icegirl
(c) Graz Tourism, Werner Krug
(c) Graz Tourism, Werner Krug

The Styrian Conference Dinner is not included in the Conference Fee, as not all participants will be able to join. Of course, those participants accompanied by their spouses/partners are welcome to bring them along. Just enter the number of people of your party in the requisite field of the registration form.


Conference Dinner (including all food, wine tasting, drinks consumed at the dinner event, VAT and Service Charges) ...€55.20

For Conference Registration and Dinner Booking please click the button on the right